YeahBit PC SpeedUp is a multi-awarded winning
Windows Registry Cleaner.

YeahBit PC SpeedUp™ is an all-in-one system utility to safely scan, clean up, maintain, optimize and speed up your PC. YeahBit PC SpeedUp™ is the safest and most trusted solution to clean registry,fix and optimize your PC, free it from registry errors and fragmented entries

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What is YeahBit PC SpeedUp ?

YeahBit PC SpeedUp provides solution to Windows registry related problems. It scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information.

You can safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry by fixing this obsolete information. By using a
YeahBit PC SpeedUp regularly and fixing registry errors your system will run faster, will be more stable and

Why Choose YeahBit PC SpeedUp ?

Boost Computer Speed

Eliminate registry errors, defragment and optimizeyour hard drive, and manage your Startup to Increase Startup Speeds!

Clean Malware

Malware is often running in the background of your PC and you may not even realize. With Yeahbit PC SpeedUp, all malware will be cleaned and removed, thus enhancing the PC’s performance.

Detect & Fix Errors

YeahBit PC SpeedUp will automatically scan your computer to identify errors that may be impacting your computer performance.

Uninstall Manager

simple,fast uninstalling tool , it's much faster than the Windows default uninstaller when showing the list of applications and also when uninstalling them.

Increase Health & Stability

Maintain your computers health using automatic scheduled registry scans and system maintenance with YeahBit PC SpeedUp.

Backup & Recover Files

This vital tool will ensure if the terrible happens that you will have a backup of your registry and be able to restore your entire setup in a matter of minutes.

Award-winning Tool

YeahBit PC SpeedUp is an Award- Winning free registry optimization software, it's popular with many professional computer magzines, such as PCAdvisor, ComputerBild, CHIP, CNET, ZDNet.

Satisfaction Guarantee

YeahBit offers a 30-Day money back satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase of Yeahbit PC SpeedUp.

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

If you get frequent error messages and program freezes, maybe it's time to clean your computer registry. An efficient, well-organized registry helps your PC run faster.

With time, as you create new files, delete old programs and install new software, your Windows registry stores information you thought you'd removed long ago. These old entries clutter your computer, and the library ends up disorganized, with files scattered everywhere.

YeahBit PC SpeedUp

Current Version: 4.0.5
File Size: 3.81 MB
Operating System:Windows 10/8/7 /Vista/XP
Release Date:Sep. 5,2015

It's no overstatement to tell that my laptop and internet browsing at this moment run ten times faster since I used your software package. I can't say thanks plenty enough for your outstanding program!

--- Jacob Silver, Wisconsin, US

"Clean, clear, all-in-one"
This program does it all- it basically fixes your PC for you. It not only lets you change startup programs and uninstall the impossible, but it provides up-to-date information on what various applications do. Plus it can clean the registry, hard drive, and more, and it never causes any problems. This is a keeper!

-Willim,Newcastle upon Tyne,GB

"This is the greatest utility!"
Tried it and it cleared up over 1800 problems! I have been having nothing but problems with my PC and have tried everything to fix it...not only did yeahbit PC SpeedUp fix everything but my pc is running soooooo much faster! I want to tell the world about it!


"Superior tweak software"
I can guarantee you now that this will be the best tools you will ever use. My PC is as fast as day one now after a year of use. This software allows many tools for speeding up and allows you to customize your windows startup and log on screen. If you want to put your computer in a state of stability and high performance, this is the software to start with. Do keep in mind that if your computer is well maintained from beforehand you may not notice a significant improvement!

---John, Toronto,CA